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Welcome Storytellers!
What's New in the Clubhouse? :

Fears, Fires, Ghosts…and Peace
Our new featured storytelling project shows how a ghost marionette can help you tell stories of fires, dangers, or other real scary events. Click HERE, or find it on our Homepage or the Treasure Chest. With all those fearful stories, you might want to the remind your audience how to have peace, so you can still find The Peace Puzzle project on our Home page or in the Treasure Chest.

Ghost Marionette

New To The Club? Here's A Quick Clubhouse Tour:

  • In the Activity Room, you'll find ideas and advice for where to tell stories, and a featured club activity.
  • Like your closet at home, our Craft Closet is stuffed. It has lots of storytelling craft ideas, plus a featured craft.
  • And on the Story Shelf you'll find help to create your own stories to tell, and a featured story example.
  • Climb up to Vivian's Loft for casual time with our resident storyteller, for stories, memoirs, and advice. If you have questions, there you'll find answers.
  • When you're ready to leave, the Treasure Chest has storytelling help for your personal use.

So, that's the tour. You also may find games or challenges hidden throughout the club. Now send your parents or other grown-ups off to the Parent Teacher Corner where they can learn how to help kids they know become better storytellers. And jump in! Come enjoy the club.

Rope Fuzzy
Come as often as you like, stay as long as you want, and go wherever interests you.
If you still have questions or want to learn more About Us, go to the Information Desk. Oh, when you leave, you can go out the back door through the Visitors' Lounge where you can find interesting guests: storytellers, authors, crafts experts, or others.
The featured club activity, craft, and story together are a fun way to learn storytelling skills.
Four Fuzzies
© B. Dubrovin
Tips for How to Enjoy the Clubhouse
There are no formal meetings, no dress code, no rules of where you can go. Yay!

The featured activity, craft, and story can go together to learn storytelling skills. Or use any part of the club. Maybe get a prop idea for a story you already have. Or get answers in the Loft.

You can use anything you find here in any storytelling performance. But please, everything here is for your use only. So don't copy and give stuff to others. If you know someone you want to give stuff to, invite them to come visit us themselves. The clubhouse is always open and we love welcoming new guests. If you want to reprint something (on a website or in a program or anyplace) you need permission from our sponsor for that and can contact them at

The Kids' Storytelling Club Celebrates 25 Years Online!