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Here at the Kids' Storytelling Club, we have been working hard to improve our website. One big change you'll notice is that we've remodeled our clubhouse. This allows us to put much more online to help young storytellers everywhere.

We've also upgraded our technology to be mobile-friendly so you can easily get our storytelling help anywhere from any device.

What all this means is, if you are…

  • a beginning young storyteller needing basic tips
  • a more experienced teller hoping to find new ideas
  • looking for sample stories, easy props, and helpful advice
  • having storytelling questions about adapting to audiences, creating interesting characters, or not making mistakes when telling
  • wanting to learn to create and tell your own story
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…you've come to the right place!

In Our Newly Remodeled Clubhouse

There's online storytelling help created just for the Kids' Storytelling Club. Also there is a sample project from one of our popular back-issues of Junior Storyteller, and content from our print books and ebooks. And we've always been and still are a kid-safe and ad-free site.

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Storytelling Ideas Anytime!

In the clubhouse, you'll find many ideas of crafts to make, stories to tell, and places to tell them, and expert help. There's as much on these pages as we might put into a beginner's booklet. And this clubhouse “web-book” is always available, instantly from any device, and may continue to grow as we occasionally add to it. Plus, you'll find free downloads for your personal use, so it's not just one booklet, but more!

In addition to general advice and ideas, you'll find specific help such as:

Our Featured Club Project:
Mystery of Peace
Mystery of Peace.

The Kids’ Storytelling Club has been online for 25 years, providing help for young storytellers. We’re celebrating now by featuring a classic project from the early years (way back when our homepage looked like this image!). We think you’ll agree, a good story never goes out of style, so click HERE now to put together pieces of peace and turn story sharing into a storytelling event. And then visit our bookstore page to learn about the book we are working on that will include a new modified version of this project. And you can always check the clubhouse page for what’s new on all the pages, as we will be adding more celebration features across the site throughout the year. Come celebrate with us!

Previous Projects
You can find previous featured projects, such as “Storytelling At Home,” and other fun activities in our Treasure Chest

Future Projects May Include:
Basic Beginner Telling; Dealing With Storytelling “Mistakes”; Creating Interesting Characters And Good Endings; Costumes for Storytelling

Don't Have Time to Tour the Clubhouse Today?

Don't worry! We've invited guests and brought some of our “story dust” out here onto the clubhouse front porch so we can share stories with everyone who stops by.

Peace Puzzle
Throughout our 25 years online, story projects about peace have always been favorites with kids, parents, and teachers. So, we’re giving two, for double the fun! In addition to our featured project, you can click the Junior Storyteller image for another complete project with a craft, activity, and sample story about peace that you can adapt and tell.
And you can visit our guests next to our clubhouse in our Visitors' Lounge. You can then enter the clubhouse from there or return here to join us.
Three Dragons

Our Current Guest:
Bobbi Shupe, the Creator of our Dragons

Tell A Story, Join the Club!

When you tell a story, you become a storyteller, part of a long tradition of people who have shared stories to teach or inform, to inspire or convince, to entertain or amuse, or just to plain have fun. We hope the information, ideas, and advice here at the Kids' Storytelling Club helps you create your own stories to tell and helps you find places to tell them in your everyday life. In addition to what you find here online at the Club, you can get more sample stories, creative advice, and detailed craft instructions in our digital and print books, available in our bookstore. Tell a story! Join the fun, today!


Our Sponsor:

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in Loveland, Colorado
Vivian Dubrovin, Managing Editor

Bronze Moonbeam Award
Colorado Independant Publishers Award
1995 and 2000
Parents Choice Award

Storycraft Publishing has received many awards and positive reviews for its kids' storytelling products, including these three. For more than forty years, Vivian has helped kids create and tell stories. She has directed writers' conferences, taught teacher workshops and online courses on kids' storytelling, visited classrooms to help kids learn to create and tell, and published books, magazines, and online resources for young storytellers. Now she spends her time creating online storytelling help for modern young storytellers. You can learn more about us in the Clubhouse at the Information Desk.

Still confused? Looking for something familiar? The Kids' Storytelling Club has been online since 1996. You can visit our OLD WEBSITE HERE. The old site will open in a new window.

A good place to start exploring the new clubhouse is the Clubhouse page.

Thanks for visiting! We'll periodically have new featured projects, so come back and visit us again!

The Kids' Storytelling Club Celebrates 25 Years Online!