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Welcome to
The Kids' Storytelling Club

Come on in and browse around. Get some new ideas for stories to tell, storytelling crafts to make, and club activities.

Create A Storytelling Story  
Discover how storytelling stories are different from written stories and why each time you hear a storytelling story it's just a little bit different.


Storytelling Activities  
 Where can kids tell stories? Learn about places you can find and others you can create.

Storytelling Crafts
Learn about crafts you can make and props you can use to make your storytelling more fun for you and your audience.
ClubRoom Page 
Find a sample storytelling project with a story, craft, and activity that you can do right now. Learn to tell an Easy-to-Tell Story with an Easy-to-Make Puppet.

NEW Online Bookstore
Buy books and e-books online with lots of storytelling projects for young tellers. Come visit our new store.

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