The Kids' Storytelling Club website has been online since July, 1996. 

The Kids’ Storytelling Club website has won the national 2001 Pegasus Award for Web Spinning for Youth Distinction. “This Award is given to a website for being an exemplary resource for young storytellers and for those working with youth.”

The Kids’ Storytelling Club website has also received an award of recognition for Outstanding Commitment to children from Today’s Child.

The Kids’ Storytelling Club: ( is a website for young storytellers.  

When you first arrive—on the Home Page—you’ll find a young dragon telling stories to little hatchings. 
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Author Guidelines:  All of our publications provide information on storytelling for young tellers. The bimonthly projects on The Kids' Storytelling Club website are three-part projects found on the Create, Crafts, and Activities Pages. We do not purchase individual stories or crafts. 
     Check the list below of our past projects for ideas on the type of material we may be interested in receiving a query about. 
      We are always interested in learning about local storytelling clubs, programs, and festivals or concerts for young storytellers. Nonfiction articles such as these are assigned. Please query! We do not accept unsolicited material.

Past Projects
 on The Kids Storytelling Club website

Premier Issue - Sharing Stories Cookie Faces
Learn how easy it is to create Sharing Stories. Discover ideas for Storytelling Parties, and Cookie Character Faces for snacks that inspire storytelling

 Nov 96 - Shadow Stories - curtain theater & puppets
Learn how to invent Shadow Monsters, make and use the Silly Nilly Puppet and create your own Shadow Stories. Make a curtain theater in any doorway.

Dec 96 - Window Stories - paper snowflakes
(Now Available in New 1998 Special Edition of the Junior Storyteller newsletter.)
Learn how to use a pattern story to create Window Stories. Discover how to tell stories from window art. Make paper snowflakes and tell a snowflake story.

Jan 97 - Friendship Stories - beads & bracelets
Learn how to create Friendship Stories, make and use a macramé Friendship Storytelling Bracelet.

Feb 97 - Win/Win Stories-Sign & Posters - signs & posters
(Now Available in New 1998 Special Edition of the Junior Storyteller newsletter.)
Discover how to tell Win/Win Stories with signs, posters, and banners. Find out how to make these props for your stories

 Mar 97 - Sound Off! Stories - musical instruments
Learn to create Sound Off! Stories—myths, legends or original tales that use musical instruments—and make some rattles, drums and a bell bracelet to help you get started.

April 97 - Making & Using Storytelling Pillows
Since a storytelling pillow has two sides, you can tell a tale from two different view- points. Learn to make a storytelling pillow with a secret pocket for your characters.  

May 97 - Using Costumes and Face Paint
Make a costume for a story or create a story for a costume. Paint your face to complete your costume. Find four simple questions that help you create a story for your costume.

 June - July 97 - Summer Storytelling Parties
(Now Available in New 1998 Special Edition of the Junior Storyteller newsletter.)
Learn how to hold a summer storytelling party, make story-link invitations and friendship chains. Create stories that explain "how" and "why."

 August - September, 1997 - Family Diversity Storytelling Quilts
Learn how to get ideas for Family Diversity Storytelling Quilts, how to make a quilt block, and how to hold a quilting bee to create your quilt.

October, 1997 - Refrigerator Storytelling Magnets
Learn how to make Refrigerator Storytelling Magnets from computer graphics and tell holiday stories with them.

 November, 1997 - Telling Win/Win Stories with a Topsy-turvy Puppet
Learn how to make a Topsy-turvy puppet with two wooden spoons, then create and tell stories where everyone is a winner.

 December, 1997 - Telling Peace-Piece Mystery Stories

 January, 1998 - Telling Science Fiction Stories with an Overhead Projector
Create overhead projector transparencies to help tell science fiction stories.

 February, 1998 - Making & Using Magic Boxes
Learn how to make a heart box. Tell or adapt The Leprechaun’s Lucky Love Box story.

 March-April, 1998 - Tabletop Telling with Finger Puppets
Learn how to make a tabletop finger puppet to march in a special Parade.

 May, 1998 – Storytelling Pockets
Create pockets for your totes and backpacks to advertise your storytelling.

 June/July, 1998Telling Camp and Campfire Stories with Mini-Ghosts
Learn how to make a tissue mini-ghost and create a story for it.

August, 1998 - Storytelling Off the Wall with Scrapbook Storytelling Posters
Learn how to make and use Scrapbook Storytelling Posters

 October, 1998 – Kreating Kooky Karacters
Learn how to make Balloon Buddies and use them in a story.

 November, 1999 – Story Harvests—Intergenerational Storytelling
Create storytelling gift certificates to spark family storytelling sessions.

 January, 1999 – Portable Pictographs—Using Rock Art
Learn how to make portable pictographs and use them in a story.

 February, 1999 – Making & Using Magic Boxes/The Leprechaun’s Lucky Love Box
Repeated by request

 March, 1999 – Tales of the Wee Folk
Learn where to find stories about wee folk and make pipecleaner puppets.

 April/May, 1999 – Telling True Horse Tales with Fiction Characters
Learn how to make feltboard characters and tell a story with a feltboard.

June/July, 1999 – Storytelling in the Car with Pencil Pal Puppets.
Learn how to make pencil pal spool knit puppets to tell stories in the car.

August/September, 1999 Telling Sports Shorts with Storytelling Road Signs
Learn to use storytelling road signs on your storyboard to pace your storytelling

 October/November, 1999 – Ghostly Tales on an Overhead Projector
Combine classic ghost story with local history and tell with overhead projector.

 December, 1999 – Celebrating Holidays at Your House
Explain how your family celebrates a holiday. Then make storytelling giftbox ornaments

 January, 2000 – Tandem Telling with a Friend
Make Paper Plate puppets to help tell your Good News/Bad News Tandem Stories

 February, 2000 – Dragon Tales with a Dragon Refrigerator Magnet
Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Lucky the Dragon

 March, 2000 – The Story Sprite Returns 
With more stories from two points of view for your storytelling pillow.

 April, 2000 – Telling in Two Languages
With a simple topsy-turvy puppet.

 May, 2000 – Telling “The Ugliest Caterpillar” Story
With a reversible caterpillar sock puppet.

 June, 2000 – Stone Soup Recipes
With a huge soup pot and craft veggies.

 July, 2000 – Gigantic Puppets for Backyard Storytelling Parties, Plays, and Parades
With huge puppets made from brooms, mops, and rakes you can tell a story in your own backyard or neighborhood park.

 August, 2000 – Make Your Own Sound Effects 
Learn how to put sounds in your story with Sound Charades.

 September, 2000 – More Fuzzybodies Adventures for Draw & Tell
Learn how to tell one-on-one stories with fingerprint cartoon characters.

 October, 2000 – Real Scary Stories
Share real events that were scary and tell them with a Little Ghost marionette.

November-December, 2000 – Telling Holiday Tales

January – February,  2001 – Scary Shadows with an Overhead Projector

March – April, 2001 – Portable Pictographs Storytelling with Rock Art

May – June, 2001 – Flower Fairies and Story Sprites

July – August – September, 2001 – Storytelling Festivals

October – November, 2001 – Join the Celebration! – Create a Youth Tellabration!

December, 2001 Gifts of Story

January – February, 2002 – Friendship Boxes

March –April - May, 2002 – The Missing Peace Puzzle Piece
(Held over by request)

June – July, 2002 – Create Your Own Storytelling Badge

August – September, 2002 – Real Scary Stories
 (Repeated by special request)

October - November - Get Involved in Youth Tellabration 2002

December 2002 - Gifts of Story 

January - February 2003 - Fantasy Fun with a Story Sprite
Use two transparencies on an overhead projector to create action.

March - April 2003 - Telling Holiday Stories With Props 
Using Easter Eggs and a Basket

May - June 2003 Telling Family Folk Stories with a Story Cloth
Discovering Hmong Story Cloths

July - August 2003 - Happy 10th Birthday Storycraft 
Draw &Tell on a Paper Tablecloth at a Storytelling Party

September - October 2003 - Group Storytelling With Pop-Up Puppets

November - December 2003 One Very Special Christmas Card
Creating Stories from Arts/Crafts Projects

January - February 2004 - Tote Bag Tales for Tiny Tots

March - April 2004 - Storytelling With Dolls

May - June 2004 - Tales of the Wee Folk

July - August - September 2004 - The Fuzziebodies Climb Their Family Tree

October - November 2004 - Storytelling Costumes: Dressing the Part

December - January 2005 - Seasonal Stories with Magic Mini-boxes

February - March 2005 - Adapting "The Missing Peace Puzzle Piece" Story for Younger Audiences

April - May 2005 - Telling Someone Else's Story: Maypole Magic

June/July 2005 - Developing a Storytelling Voice with Puppets
Learn how to create a personality and voice for your puppet and read "The Reluctant Puppet."

August/ September 2005 - Winning Without Being First
Make paper ribbons and read about "Second Place Sue."

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