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The Junior Storyteller was a quarterly activity guide for young storytellers. Each issue contained a complete storytelling project, which included a story, craft to help tell it, presentation tips, and suggestions for creating additional original stories.  It was published from July 1994 until  July, 2010. Back issues of the black and white print edition (ISSN 1087-7398) are available for $4.
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Back Issues Available
Back issues now are available of the print edition for $4 each and can be ordered by mail or e-mail with check, credit card, school or book store purchase order number. JrStoryteller@storycraft.com 

Spring, 1996 - Get Your Audience Into Your Act
Make paper or felt veggies for a special retelling of the Stone Soup story.

Winter, 1997 - Selkie Puppets
Make a selkie puppet ( a doll with a removable seal skin) to help you tell this selkie story.

Winter, 1998 - Telling Science Fiction with Overhead Projector
Photocopy science fiction characters onto overhead transparencies to tell a science fiction story. Make up a story to go with these characters.

Winter, 1999 Tradin' Tales with Grandparents
Learn about intergenerational storytelling and storytelling with paper dolls.

Spring, 1999 Tales of the Wee Folk
Learn how to make pipecleaner mini-folk to help you tell tales of fairies, pixies, leprechauns, elves, gnomes, brownies, nisse, menehune,  nunus and other wee folk.

Summer, 1999 Storytelling in the Car with Pencil Pal Puppets.
Learn how to make Pencil Pal Puppets with spool knitting to help you tell tales during car trips.

Fall, 1999 Tradin' True Horse Tales
Learn how to tell true stories with fiction characters and make feltboard Characters from computer clip art. 

Winter, 2000 – Tandem Telling:  Storytelling With a Friend
Read "A Twisted Tandem Tale." Create new tales from a game.

Spring, 2000 – Telling in Two Languages
Discover a secret for tandem telling in two languages so anyone can understand your tale. 

Summer, 2000 – Meet the Fuzzybodies in Draw & Tell
Create fingerprint Fuzzybodies for Draw & Tell Tales. Read "The Fuzzybodies Big Move." Create a hero for your own stories.

Winter, 2001 – Creating Diorama Dramas
Make a paper plate diorama. Move a character with magnet and paper clip wile telling the tale. Create more diorama stories.

Spring, 2001 – Storytelling with Portable Pictographs
Ancient people used petroglyphs and pictographs on cave and canyon walls to help tell stories. Create rock art on stones to tell your tales.

Summer, 2001 – Attend a Summer Storytelling Festival
Why keep a Festival Scrapbook? Read "The Best Festival Scrapbook." Print a Festival Scrapbook Page to start a record book.

Winter, 2002 – Friendship Boxes
Great Grandmother's magic box held a Readers' Theater script for two friends to read together.

Spring, 2002 – The Peace Puzzle
Read "The Missing Peace Puzzle Piece." Make a magnetic Peace puzzle. Adapt for younger kids.

Summer, 2002 – Storytelling with Paper Dolls
Read "Key Quest," story. Ct out a paper doll and her clothes. Learn to tell tales with paper dolls. Tips for creating your own quest stories.
Fall, 2002 The Magic Storytelling Stick 
Make a Magic Storytelling Stick. "Create Your Own Storytelling Badge" for your youth group.

Winter 2003 Fantasy Fun   
Tell tales with an overhead projector and two transparencies. Make a Sprite move across a scene or a photograph.

Spring 2003
Magic Hands     
Storytelling Gloves let your hands help tell your tales.

Fall 2003
Using a Storytelling Apron
"The Storytelling Apron" shows how to use this special apron. Craft instructions tell how to make one.

Winter 2004Take a Family History StoryQuest    
Create Magnetic Family Tree Cards and put your Family Tree Puzzle together. 

Spring 2004
Dollhouse Dramas
"A Room of My Own." Make Pipe Cleaner Dollhouse Dolls to help tell tales with a dollhouse.

Summer 2004
Traveling with a Storytelling Pillow
Use a pattern story to create your tales. Make a felt Storytelling Pillow with a secret compartment to store the storytelling pieces.

Fall 2004
Group Storytelling with Pop-up Puppets
Turn "The Little Red Hen" into audience participation story with pop-up puppets you can make from a tube sock, Styrofoam ball, and paper cup.

Winter 2005
A StoryQuest for Peace
Collect Peace Pieces in story sentences for your StoryQuest Box. Read "The Peace Angel's Gift."

Spring 2005 Audience Participation With a Sock-Doll Marionette 
Make a simple sock-doll marionette and learn how to use it by playing Simon Says game.

Summer 2005 Convertible Puppets for Storytelling Mini-Clubs
Learn to make a simple hand puppet that can change its clothes to match the story you want to tell. Read "A Fantastic Summer." 

Fall 2005 Tabletop Telling with Storytelling Cards
Discover the fun of  working with storytelling cards. Make a practice set of Fuzzybody Cards.

Winter 2006 Teaching Your Dragon to Fly
Fold the special dragon paper airplane and teach it to fly as you tell a tale.

Spring 2006 Letting Your Audience  Help
Learn how your audience can help tell a Tooth Fairy Story with storytelling signs.

Summer 2006 Creating Today Tales from Ancient Stories
Learn how to use a doll as a puppet to tell modern versions of ancient tales. 

Fall 2006 What's Intergenerational Storytelling?
Read "Grandpa's Ghost: Secrets in the Attic." Make invitations/decorations for intergenerational storytelling party.

Winter 2007 Take a Bright Fantasy StoryQuest
Read "The Sprite's StoryQuest" and play the StoryQuest game on the World of Fantasy Map.

Spring 2007 The Fairy Garden Adventures 
Learn how to build a Fairy Garden and create a series of fairy adventure tales to go with it.

Summer 2007 Time Travel Tales: Creating Historical Fiction 
Learn how to create your own historical fiction stories. Cut out a mini Junior Storyteller.

Fall 2007 Create a Storytelling Slide Show
Learn how to create a slide show to present while telling your tale. Read "A Surprise Inside."

Winter 2008 Mistakes and Discoveries
Learn how to use a story pattern, voice changes, and how to create your own mistake/discovery story.

Spring 2008 A-Maze-ing tales and Magnetic Demonstrations
With a magnet in one hand and a cardboard "stage" in the other, you can make a Paper Puzzle Player walk through some A-Maze-ing Tales

Summer 2008 Celebrating Rights and Freedoms with Stories
Celebrate the Fourth of July, Constitution Week, Bill of Rights Day, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day with a sidewalk Chalk Talk Festival. read "The Story Behind It" and learn how to draw stars and fireworks.

Fall 2008 A Storytelling Workshop 
Learn What to do When Your Mind Goes Blank. Read about A Video Workshop and discover the fun of audience participation stories.

Winter 2009) The True Story of The Excuse Monster
Tell the same story from three different character's point of view. Create an origami Excuse Monster to help you.

Spring 2009 The Indoor/Outdoor Egg Hunt
Explore Tabletop Telling with a Tabletop Theater and five story characters.

Summer 2009 The Birthday Party Picnic
Help the Junior Storyteller celebrate its 15th birthday with a Storytelling Picnic, paper plate masks, and unique voices for your story characters.

Fall 2009 Costumes and Patterns
Use a pattern to create a Fairy Princess costume for your doll, and learn  to use a story  pattern to create new tales.

Winter 2010 Creating Changeable Stories for Convertible Puppets 
Make a convertible hand puppet with one head and several cloth bodies. Train Your Puppet To Help Tell Your Tales.

Spring 2010 Dreams, Dream Dolls, and Dream Doll Stories
Turn dreams into stories by creating a new beginning and ending. Demonstrate a craft wile telling it.

Summer 2010 Beginning-to-tell-Tales
Read a story created just for beginning storytellers. Create a Tabletop Telling Map to help tell it.

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